Looking back and looking forward

08 March 2019
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In 2018, RSNN further expanded its network and activities. 2019 promises to be an exciting year in which RSNN activities will expand further, with an increased focus on international connections and delivering results. RSNN is expecting to attract new members who want to contribute to its mission to advance the regulatory system.

Regulatory Science Network Netherlands (RSNN) is a network of experts from industry, academia, government bodies, and the broader regulatory science field. RSNN offers a unique platform for stakeholders from different backgrounds to meet and discuss regulatory science as equal partners. Our mission is to advance an efficient and effective regulatory system that supports medicines development, marketing authorization, access, and appropriate use of medicines. RSNN shares and disseminates knowledge among all stakeholders and sets the agenda for further research.

We look back at a successful 2018: 

  • During the transition period of 2018, RSNN has set up a new organizational structure which focuses on giving different stakeholder groups equal representation in RSNN governance. 
  • Six organisations currently form the partnership behind RSNN: 
    College ter Beoordeling van Geneesmiddelen – Medicines Evaluation Board
    Utrecht University
    University Medical Center Groningen
    Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen
  • On the 20th of June 2018, a successful RSNN workshop was held, with the theme ‘What’s in, what’s out, what’s relevant? – Towards a sensible label’. Five speakers, representing different perspectives, reflected on the current and future role of the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC). The break-out sessions resulted in many starting points for follow-up research. An opinion paper as output of the workshop has been submitted for publication.
  • During the FIGON Dutch Medicine Days on the 1st of October 2018, RSNN organized two regulatory science sessions around novel cancer treatments and the associated regulatory challenges. We look back at engaging presentations and discussions with a large and diverse audience. 
  • On the 1st of October, the new RSNN website was launched and up until now, over 300 new users visited this website. 

For 2019, RSNN is looking forward to further expanding its current activities with an increased focus on international connection and output creation. Do not miss the RSNN workshop on the 17th of April 2019 about the future of clinical trials, the final program of the workshop can be found here: register now!  

Furthermore, we can provide some teasers for the rest of this year: 

  • In addition to the annual workshop and FIGON Dutch Medicine Days sessions, RSNN will organize several small-scale events. These events will be topic-focussed events with smaller groups of participants, providing the opportunity to have more in-depth discussions. The first topic for such an event will be pharmaceutical compounding (‘magistrale bereiding’ in Dutch). 
  • At the end of 2019, an additional workshop will be organized by RSNN with the specific aim to organize dialogue and knowledge sharing between European regulators and RSNN. 

RSNN is an open and inclusive platform. Please join us if you want to contribute to our mission to advance regulatory science and the regulatory system.