RSNN symposium 2016 ‘Addressing biomarkers: Another view on registration’

07 July 2016
Utrecht, The Netherlands
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The Regulatory Science Network Netherlands (RSNN) is organizing a first symposium on July 7, 2016 with the title: “Addressing biomarkers: Another view on registration” (in Dutch: “Biomarkers voor het voetlicht: Een andere kijk op registratie”).

Bert Leufkens (MEB), chairman of the RSNN, is responsible for the opening of this meeting, after which the speakers will discuss various aspects of Regulatory Science. Andre Broekmans (Lygature) will present the current developments within ADAPT-SMART, the platform for activities related to the coordination of Medicines Adaptive Pathways to Patients.

Next, speakers from academia (Dick de Zeeuw, University of Groningen), the pharmaceutical industry (Stef Schutte, Astellas) and the regulators (Marja Kuipers, Netherlands Healthcare Institute) will present their views on the use of biomarkers and their impact on their activities.

RSNN Vice President Christine Gispen (MEB) will close the session with a plenary discussion and reflection, followed by a drink and dinner. During dinner, the two speakers Adam Cohen (Center for Human Drug Research) and Sander van den Bogert (Utrecht University) will reflect on Regulatory Science.