FAST and RSNN collaborate to advance and innovate the regulatory system

23 September 2022
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Both the Centre for Future Affordable and Sustainable Therapy development (FAST) and the Regulatory Science Network Netherlands (RSNN) aim to advance and innovate the regulatory system, to ultimately improve the development, accessibility, and appropriate use of therapies for patients. From the start of this year, FAST and the RSNN have initiated a collaboration to achieve their shared goals. This new partnership may open further possibilities for future joint activities.

Collaborative effort to innovate the regulatory system
The overlap in interests and compatible network approaches has resulted in the start of a collaborative project between FAST and the RSNN. The goal of this project is to design a tangible and ready-to-implement multi stakeholder model in which promising projects can receive regulatory support. This model shall include balanced regulatory representation supported by all stakeholder groups involved. More clarity and information on the scope of the collaboration is expected in the coming months. The RSNN is looking forward to expanding its partnership with FAST in the future.

About FAST
FAST promotes the faster, smarter, better and cheaper development, production and availability of new therapies to patients. By strengthening the innovation power of the Dutch LSH ecosystem, FAST serves the patient, healthcare in general and economic growth in a strategically important sector. FAST is a proactive centre that pools and disseminates expertise, and initiates dialogue in the ecosystem, partly thanks to an extensive network of experts. Opportunities and bottlenecks are identified and prioritised so that they can then be tackled in an integrated manner, for example in use cases, pilot projects and pilot studies. Solutions may lie in the application of new technologies and research methods, in appropriate regulation or implementation, by tapping into (inter)national knowledge and expertise or by improving and promoting education and post-academic training for researchers. 

About RSNN
The goal of the RSNN is to advance an efficient and effective regulatory system that supports medicines development, marketing authorization, access, and appropriate use of medicines. The RSNN has a leading position within the Netherlands as an organization that brings together extensive regulatory knowledge and experience from key stakeholders in the field. Currently the main activities of the RSNN are to organize meetings and events in which current regulatory topics are discussed and, as a network, responding to publications, and (draft) guidelines.