Future of the drug label: Perspectives from a multistakeholder dialogue

27 August 2019
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Recently, the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a paper by members of the RSNN on the future of the drug label. The paper is based on the 3rd RSNN Workshop ‘What’s in, What’s out, What’s relevant? – Towards a sensible label’ which was held in June 2018.

During this workshop, a multistakeholder dialogue was set up between academia, government, the pharmaceutical industry and patient/societal organizations. The paper shares views on how the drug label can evolve in a changing landscape and become a sustainable label for the future. Moreover, it calls for innovative approaches to enable effectiveness data to become part of the label. Finally, the paper defines conditions for shared responsibility that need legal and regulatory consideration.

Interested to learn more about the drug label of the future? Read the full article (Open Access) here.