RSNN Expert Meeting Report - Precision Medicine for Chronic Diseases Using Biomarkers: Diabetic Nephropathy as a Case Study

10 June 2020
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The RSNN organized an Expert Meeting on 18 February 2020 to discuss and elaborate on potential research questions around precision medicine for chronic diseases, using diabetic nephropathy as a case. A total of fifteen experts and stakeholders participated in this meeting in a personal capacity to discuss this theme.

The discussions revealed that problems still exist with clinical trials for diseases such as diabetic nephropathy, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. These problems can partially be addressed by clinical trials that are designed more efficiently, which can be achieved, among other things, by measuring biomarkers (‘enrichment’) in the clinical trial. Another aspect that was covered by this meeting is how an early open dialogue with regulators, to discuss innovative ideas and best approaches for clinical trials can provide important benefits in terms more successful clinical trials and drug reimbursement. Finally, the experts discussed how registries, digital health and machine learning can be used to improve our understanding of disease progression and heterogeneity between patients,  which is essential for precision medicine to be a success.

The results of this meeting, which can be read in the meeting report in Dutch or English led to the identification of a number of research questions that will incorporated in future research agendas to inform policy discussions at the interface between regulation, science and industry.