RSNN interview series: Marjon Pasmooij

08 November 2020
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The RSNN interview series aims to give a better insight into the persons and organizations involved in the activities of RSNN. It also provides an opportunity to highlight some of the current topics in the Regulatory Science field.

For this first interview in the series Marjon Pasmooij was interviewed.

Interview Marjon Pasmooij
Marjon Pasmooij is Science Programme Manager at the Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) and member of the RSNN Steering Committee since 2018. She has an outstanding background in cell biology, dermatology and molecular genetics. Marjon has been employed by the MEB in various roles since 2007 and has always combined her work at the MEB with research at the University Medical Centre of Groningen.

Currently, her focus within the MEB is on the development of the new science policy 2020-2024. She is also part of the Big Data Steering Group that is working on the 10 priority recommendations regarding Big Data, including having skills to perform analyses on Big Data within the network.

Relationship between RSNN and MEB
Together with Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen (VIG), the MEB is one of the founding partners of RSNN. Since its foundation, the main goal of RSNN is to function as a neutral and open discussion platform and to come in closer contact with relevant stakeholders in the Regulatory Science field.

“It is important to know what other experts in the field are working on and to be able to reach out to each other easily. For the future, we would like to become more aware of all research activities undertaken in the (Dutch) Regulatory Science field through RSNN. Also, the research questions identified during RSNN expert meetings should be a starting point for actual research and create a change in that way.”

Marjon was instrumental in organizing the recent RSNN Expert Meeting “label modification based on evidence derived from investigator-initiated trials”. According to Marjon, the meeting was successful and well attended by a wide range of stakeholders. (full report of this meeting available here)

“Everybody shared the wish to take next steps based on the meeting results. This will take some time, but a PhD student has already submitted a research proposal based on the research questions raised during the meeting and several participants expressed interest in contributing to follow-up research.”

Current and future topics for RSNN
One of the topics pointed out by Marjon that could connect the Dutch regulatory science field even more through RSNN in the future is related to initiatives that promote proactively sharing knowledge about regulatory requirements with academic researchers. An example of this is the EU STARS! Programme to which Marjon contributes from her MEB background and aims to strengthen regulatory knowledge in general by reaching clinical scientists during professional training and qualification. Another programme in this area is the FAST (Future Affordable and Sustainable Therapies) programme, that promotes new ways of working in medicine development in order to optimize the development process. A common factor in these programmes is that scientific advice is given in an early stage of development in order to take away barriers. The MEB and the partner network of RSNN could play an important role in getting the right parties connected to make this a success.

Other relevant topics for the RSNN are the new Medical Device Regulation implementation, including companion diagnostics, as well as the main themes of the MEB science policy such as ATMPs and initiatives to reduce animal testing.

When asked about what role RSNN could play in five years time Marjon states that she hopes that the follow-up to the discussions facilitated by RSNN will be more substantial and structural.

“RSNN has had an important role in addressing regulatory science topics and formulating research questions over the past years. The next step is to ensure that these research questions are translated into actual research. Connecting our partners and stakeholders to new research initiatives and governmental programmes is essential to make this happen”.

RSNN Workshop
On 17 November, RSNN will organize an online workshop together with EMA titled ”Leveraging the value of collaboration – from regulatory science to regulatory innovation”. Marjon is involved in its organization and will be one of the speakers in the first part of the workshop focusing on Regulatory science collaborations.

“My session at the workshop is one of four that will highlight personal experiences with collaboration in regulatory science. Anyone interested in regulatory science in the Netherlands and internationally is welcome to join the workshop. The workshop has an open character and aims to be as interactive as possible.”

More information about the RSNN workshop can be found here.

If you have any questions about the interview series or would like to participate in them, please contact the RSNN program office through