RSNN session at FIGON Dutch Medicines Days

05 September 2019
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On the 23rd of September from 14:30 – 16:30 the RSNN will host a session on the FIGON Dutch Medicines Days ( entitled “Innovative monitoring technology in clinical trials: feasible approaches, valuable evidence”. The session will be chaired by Peter van Meer (CBG) and Joop van Gerven (CCMO).

In this session, we discuss current developments in monitoring and measurement technologies for clinical research and identify opportunities for optimizing the value of innovative technologies for medicines development and regulatory decision-making. The session will use a number of techniques and tools as an example (e.g. home sampling, wearable devices etc.), discuss pros and cons and explore the added value for future research. In particular, we will discuss the implications for regulatory and HTA evidence building with a special focus on the acceptability of evidence and the qualification of new methods.

For further information and registration, please visit the FIGON Dutch Medicines Days website.